Monday, August 1, 2011

The Beatles: Remembered In A Cookie

I think this is a fabulous way to bring in the new month....a post starting with a cookie silhouetting The Fab Four on their Abbey Road album cover!

Lest we forget the music that inspired the cookie......for your listening pleasure ;-)

These vanilla sugar cookies are hand painted on fondant.  In addition to The Beatles, my inspiration came from http://hanielas.blogspot.c​om/2011/03/beatles-cookies​-take-stage.html Haniela made her own stencil for her cookies (she has more patience than me! ;-)) She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog PLUS she made FAB caricatures of the FAB FOUR!  Apparently, as I am writing this post, I see we have a "word" of the day.  I promise not to use it again, at least not in the next 5 minutes or so.

I hope I did the image on the next cookie justice, thus needing no introduction....

Another icon and musical genius - Michael Jackson!  I actually had the privilege of seeing him perform live at Radio City Music Hall; his performance being nothing short of spectacular.

The last cookies are of birds on a branch.  Again, hand painted on fondant.

I so enjoyed making these cookies and plan on doing more silhouettes soon.  As always, thank you so much for looking.  I appreciate everyone's encouragement and support.  Five minutes has past - so I wish everyone a FABULOUS day! Dana


  1. You totally rocked these!!! Awesome job!

  2. Wow they are so beautiful! I have loved MJ since a was a little girl.