Thursday, June 30, 2011

Push-up Cake Pops

So excited! I just started selling Push-up Cake Pops and stands for them in my Amazon Store. Just click on the link and it will take you there directly. I will post recipes soon ;-) Dana

Monday, June 27, 2011

Zoe Francois tutorial on smoothing your buttercream

This is an excellent tutorial from! You can find the tools you need in my Amazon store.  I carry various size spatulas and a turntable. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flower Pot Cupcake Tutorial

Satin Ice Fondant
Paint brushes
FMM Strip cutter
Pizza cutter
Rolling pin
Wilton "king" size cupcake pan
Fondant Smoothers
Gumpaste glue
Wilton tip 1A
Off-set spatula
1. Bake your cupcakes in the "King "size cupcake pan using your favorite cake recipe.  Remember to grease the pan generously.  Make certain that you put enough batter in the pan so that the cupcakes form a dome.  This way you can easily cut off the domes to make them level.

2. Let the cupcakes completely cool before you cut them or take them out of the pan.  Place cooled cupcake upside down on cake board and brush off the crumbs.  Now you are going to crumb coat your cupcake with buttercream.  At this point, I put my crumb coated cupcake in the refrigerator to set-up while I am rolling out the fondant.  It makes the cake easier to work with.

3. Roll out your fondant, cover cake, and smooth.  I use the pizza cutter to make a clean line when getting the excess fondant away from cake.

4. Roll out your fondant to make your rim ( you are going to cut a strip). Take your strip cutter and cut a strip long enough to go around cake, with a little overage, so you can cut a neat join.

5. Carefully roll up strip to make it easier for you to place on the cake. With a paint brush, lightly wet the area on the cake where you will place the rim, so that it will stick.  You can use water or gumpaste glue. Now take the strip and unroll it around the cake.

6. Let your flower pot dry as is (upside down) overnight.  Once it is dry, carefully take an off-set spatula and set it right-side up.  Decorate your flower pot however you like - the possibilities are endless.  I chose to paint mine with stripes using food coloring mixed with lemon extract.

7.  I used a Wilton tip 1A to make my buttercream swirl, then carefully placed gumpaste daises (see previous tutorial) on top.  I used six daises, but made several extra in case of breakage.  I broke 3 of them ;-)

Everyone has their own way of making their flower pot cakes, but this is how I make mine.  I hope I was able to help you learn some tips.  Thank you for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The new Miette cookbook is now available!!!

I am sooo excited - I have been waiting for the cookbook from Miette to come out for ages and it's finally here!! I am selling this book and others on my amazon store. Just click here ;-) 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes

I was honored to have two of my designs published in this book.  I was in the company of extraordinarily talented artists.  This book is a great resource to give inspiration to all at any skill level!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cupcakes Take The Cake Blog Posts Bumble Bee Cupcakes

I am soooo excited that Cupcakes Take The Cake blogged about the bumble bee cupcakes ;-) I have been following their Blog for the last 2 years!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bumble Bee Cupcakes

I just made these little guys and wanted to share with you.  I recently discovered the "Celebrate It" brand of cupcake liners at Michaels.  I am so happy with the way they maintained their color after baking.  I made the rose using Wilton tip 2DBella Cupcakes has a wonderful tutorial on making rose cupcakes.  She is sooo talented! Lorraine Mckay of Extra Icing, another cake sugarcraft genius, has many excellent tutorials on youtube.  I made the bumble bees using her tutorial as a guide. Until next time - be well!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daisy Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so I hope I am able to make daisy making clear.  I would welcome any feedback to make the tutorial better in any way!

Supply List
 Cel Stick
rolling pin
Moss green petal dust
Buttercup yellow coloring
paint brushes
foam pad
PME daisy cutter, med
JEM daisy center cutter
Cel board
Corn starch - not in picture
shortening - not in picture
palette knife
edible glue - I just use a mix of water and a tiny bit of gumpaste
If you live in the South Miami, FL area the best place to purchase these tools is Miles Cake and Candy Supplies. The owner, Adriana is so sweet and helpful.  The staff there is always eager to help you and answer any questions. If you do not live in the area, these supplies can be purchased though Global Sugar Art's website.
1. Work your gumpaste until pliable
2. Color a very small amount of gumpaste Buttercup yellow to be used for the daisy center - wrap in Saran wrap and set aside
3. Roll out gumpaste until you can almost see your Celboard.
4. Cut Daisy with cutter

5. Lightly dust foam pad with cornstarch and place daisy on it
6. Take Celstick and roll each petal from side to side with even pressure

7. Carefully pick up daisy with the help of a palette knife and place on former - an excellent idea for a flower former is shown below.  I learned this from Cake Journal.

8. Then put tiny, tiny pieces of paper towel underneath every other petal to give it a more natural look when it dries.  I hope you can see from the top picture.
9.  Take your colored gumpaste out and make your daisy center - very simple!

10. Brush a tiny amount of edible glue on to middle of daisy and carefully place daisy center on top, then let dry for 24hrs.

11. After the daisy is dry, you can dust it with the Moss green petal dust.  Remember to use the petal dust very sparingly - you can always add more, but can not take it away ;-) Below is a before and after picture.  When you are satisfied with your dusting, steam the daisy for about three seconds to let the dust set into the flower and look more natural.  The last picture is the finished daisy.  I had so much fun blogging about this and hope you were able to pick up some helpful hints!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My first Post!

Hello!  My name is Dana and I love to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  I have been on Facebook and Flickr now for the past two years.  I have met the loveliest people in both these groups.  Extraordinarily talented and generous.  I have learned so much through my friends' blogs and tutorials.  I would have never have made it to this point in my decorating skill level without them.  I look forward to reading their blogs everyday. Not only are they gracious, but hilarious, as well.  I will post all of the blogs that I follow, just as soon as I figure out all the ins and outs of blogging.

My hope in starting this blog, is to be able to pass on to someone else, decorating skills I have learned over the years and more as I continue to acquire new skills. I am all about a tutorial!

Over the next few days I will post a tutorial for a current project  - gumpaste daisies and flower pot cakelets.

I am so excited about this venture and am looking forward to meeting so many new wonderful friends!

Until next time - be well!