Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flower Pot Cupcake Tutorial

Satin Ice Fondant
Paint brushes
FMM Strip cutter
Pizza cutter
Rolling pin
Wilton "king" size cupcake pan
Fondant Smoothers
Gumpaste glue
Wilton tip 1A
Off-set spatula
1. Bake your cupcakes in the "King "size cupcake pan using your favorite cake recipe.  Remember to grease the pan generously.  Make certain that you put enough batter in the pan so that the cupcakes form a dome.  This way you can easily cut off the domes to make them level.

2. Let the cupcakes completely cool before you cut them or take them out of the pan.  Place cooled cupcake upside down on cake board and brush off the crumbs.  Now you are going to crumb coat your cupcake with buttercream.  At this point, I put my crumb coated cupcake in the refrigerator to set-up while I am rolling out the fondant.  It makes the cake easier to work with.

3. Roll out your fondant, cover cake, and smooth.  I use the pizza cutter to make a clean line when getting the excess fondant away from cake.

4. Roll out your fondant to make your rim ( you are going to cut a strip). Take your strip cutter and cut a strip long enough to go around cake, with a little overage, so you can cut a neat join.

5. Carefully roll up strip to make it easier for you to place on the cake. With a paint brush, lightly wet the area on the cake where you will place the rim, so that it will stick.  You can use water or gumpaste glue. Now take the strip and unroll it around the cake.

6. Let your flower pot dry as is (upside down) overnight.  Once it is dry, carefully take an off-set spatula and set it right-side up.  Decorate your flower pot however you like - the possibilities are endless.  I chose to paint mine with stripes using food coloring mixed with lemon extract.

7.  I used a Wilton tip 1A to make my buttercream swirl, then carefully placed gumpaste daises (see previous tutorial) on top.  I used six daises, but made several extra in case of breakage.  I broke 3 of them ;-)

Everyone has their own way of making their flower pot cakes, but this is how I make mine.  I hope I was able to help you learn some tips.  Thank you for looking and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love this, it's soooo cute! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

  2. Que bonito!!y que bien explicado!!.

  3. This is beyond adorable! I have that size tin and didn't know what to do with it. I've never used fondant, but I really want to try after reading through your tutorial. Thank you!

  4. What a wonderful tutorial! Now I am going to try and make something like this!

  5. hermosa la maceta con las flores, si parecen flores naturales, ESPECTACULAR tu trabajo y ademas el paso a paso genial.besitos

  6. I love this and I am definitely going to try this one out! Beautiful work!

  7. I was looking for this tutorial. Now I can make a flower pot for my daugthers birthday. Thank you so much.
    Greeting form Holland.